rant / road rage


I really don’t know why I attract douchebag drivers on the way to and from ACT to Sydney. No matter the time or day, I inevitably find them. The most recent DD (yesterday) couldn’t make it up a hill at 110km/hr, so I attemped to overtake him in the right lane, only to have him speeding past me in the left lane at 120-130km/hr (just a guess, but much faster than I). So this happened about 3 times (every time I changed lanes to overtake him because he was going slower, he’d speed up as soon as I got past him). At this point, I just kept laughing at his idiocy. He sped off for a bit, overtaking other people, then he just ended up staying in the right lane (no people in the left lane), and I may be being a bit presumptuous, and waiting for me. However, when he did see me coming up in the left lane (and yes, it was a guy), he slowed down and waiting until I was almost in his blindspot, he changed into the left lane. By this time (when I saw him slowing down to wait for me – and yes I believe he was), I knew he was going to do something stupid (with him staring at me in his sideview mirrors), so while he was merging into my lane, I merged into his.

I almost fucking crashed into him. At 110km/hr. How fucking irresponsible can people be?!?

Do you think he’d feel bad if I actually did crash into him because of his driving? I have no doubt he wouldn’t give a shit.

Okay, breathe. I need a cup of tea. And maybe a run.


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