relief….so far

It has been a very long time since I have written anything about my progress. I am up to my second data chapter (feels very much like the 3rd or 4th)….just handed in my last chapter with all the changes to my supervisors and am waiting on comments…

I’ve just been researching how to deal with one of the aims of this chapter, which is: how to determine the difference between the fine scale % cover and the rapid assessment (Low, Medium, High) % cover in a statistical way. Initially I had thought that this would be answered by a simple box or bar plot, showing the difference in % cover over the broad categories. But I have since discovered a couple of other ways to show this, namely:

1) regression

2) 1-way ANOVA


Now… to satisfy all of the requirements for these tests! the box plots and bar charts are looking good, so here’s hoping!


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