5-day guide to your thesis Introduction

The key aspects of getting the introduction written down and synthesized from the current literature

You will need:

– Google Scholar

– Endnote

– storage device for pdfs

– printer

– patience

Day 1: Abstracts galore

Spend this day reading up on recent advances in your field. Collect references and abstracts in Endnote and save them as pdfs. Print them out. You will cry over the amount of paper you use, but do it anyway. Make sure you sort the references into sub-headings for ease of access later on.

Day 2: Cross-reference your references

You know when you end up following references of references that you’ve read? Do this today. Again, Endnote is your friend, and prepare to cry again.

Day 3: Wading through the sh*%

Today you will read until the cows come home, you’re armed with your highlighter and chained to your desk. Highlight the important bits. Who are you kidding, everything is important..right??

Day 4-5: Incorporation!

Today is your day of synthesis. Incorporate all that you have read and learnt in your days of pain and enlightenment..

Courtesy of Dr. Andrew Carroll and his source of inspiration, Michael Boulton (UNE)


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