About Masters

I am currently in my third year of doing a part-time Masters by Research in Marine science. At the moment it still feels like my first year, and I get the cold sweats just thinking of handing it in as I am nowhere near finished.

I started thinking about the things that people commonly wish for, and came up with materialistic things or the end goals like money, happiness, success, houses, and most of all travel. In my case, I wish my masters was finished. But as with most things, it’s not the end goal that makes us happiest, but the journey it took to get us at that stage. You never hear about people wishing for the hard slog, or for the blood, sweat and tears of what it took to make something or get somewhere. People want the easy way out, the jackpot.

You know what I wish for? I wish for grit, the determination to take something right to the very end, to complete most things that I begin.


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